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3430 S Hill St, ste. 106
Los Angeles, CA, 90007
United States

Conrad’s artistry and technical expertise was surpassed only by his customer service. He and his crew built a beautiful pergola, dealt with many technical complications, met a very tight deadline and did it all with a smile, warmth and a tangible love for his work. And he met our budget requirements! We have never been as satisfied with any tradesman. I cannot recommend Swell Fella highly enough
— Steven G

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To get started, kindly Introduce yourself and tell me briefly your ideal project outcomes. Process begins with communication, planning, and alignment of priorities.

Ideas become objects through the Creative Process. We fabricate custom items for all sorts of reasons. Common practical considerations of timing, concept, budget, design, material sourcing, prototyping, and material exploration help make the process unfold as predictably and joyously as possible.

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